Communication Design

Steffani Lima de Souza

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I am a dedicated and detail-orientated designer. Eager to use my creative and graphic design skills, I hope to pursue a career developing layout, illustrating and photographing. I have a special interest in branding and have the ambition to work in a brand and packaging-oriented studio.

My Nature

This branding and packaging project focused on an environmentally friendly option for menstrual period pads. The design is modern, minimalist, bold, different from competitors and discreet. The design targets women who think about the environment and prefer a premium quality product with a clean, calm, relaxed, modern look and feel.

With a large proportion of brands in this segment utilising similar colours and packaging shapes, the idea was to stand out and, simultaneously, bring a feel that is compatible with the brand positioning.

Project/Client Website

It Is What It Is card set

It is what it is.

This 'real feelings' card set demonstrates and acknowledges the feelings we have when life is not easy. Avoiding cliche'd motivational quotes, this set of cards gives permission to be moody in response to whatever bad or uncomfortable feeling is present.

This project was an opportunity to playfully demonstrate my illustration, typography and hand lettering skills.

Project/Client Website