Interior Design Commercial

Sopheabilly Kun

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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My name is Billy and I am from Melbourne. I have completed the Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial. I love designing, crafting and art. I am interested in working in the interior design and graphic design fields as I am passionate and love both of these specialist areas.

Project 1

Marienee Restaurant

The newest fine-dining seafood restaurant in Melbourne is called Marienee, and it is located outside of the city. The structure is based on a renovated old Cape Otway lighthouse cafe building.
It is a fine dining restaurant that specialises in seafood, using locally sourced products and ingredients.
A restaurant’s design style is contemporary and luxurious, incorporating elements of the shore, ocean, and undersea world.
Deep navy blue and mustard yellow are the colours chosen to represent the ocean and beach.
Through the use of translucent navy fabric, the restaurant’s entrance features a wavy ceiling design that resembles the motion and wavy of an ocean wave.The bright and glittering world under the water is portrayed by the cylinder pendant that hangs from the ceiling.
A unique design, the plywood lantern with wavy motion is intended to symbolise sea creatures, including corals that live beneath the sea.
To illustrate the relationship between the flow of water and land, the woodwork, details, and furnishings used throughout the restaurant are all undulating, round, and organic.