Branded Fashion Design

Samantha Moro

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Abi, I'm known for thinking futuristically even if people aren't ready for it yet. I like to create designs that'll grab attention and I love to be risky with them. I'd love to be a buyer as I believe theirs a lot of designers out there that have created something amazing.

Toxic Tongue

The change in how men viewed me served as the inspiration for Toxic Tongue.

I was labeled a prude because I didn’t feel at ease, wasn’t prepared, or didn’t want to have sex with a man. Then a tease because I began to become more in love with my cheeky attitude and was beginning to feel more confident in my physical appearance and the way I would express myself. I then turned into a whore because I developed a strong sexual identity and started dressing provocatively. This collection is about taking back ownership of these words coming from a Toxic Tongue

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain is about the lengths we take to look good naked or with clothes on. Women go through unpleasant surgeries and wear uncomfortable clothing in order to look and feel good about themselves. We don’t care if we’re freezing or if our feet are in pain from brand new heels, we look and feel sexy.