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Ruby-Jean Lewis

Bachelor of Communication Design

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My name is Ruby, a graphic designer from the Blue Mountains in NSW who enjoys creating systems, stories and solutions. My strengths lie in the strategic side of design and I think that good designs serve a purpose. You will find me concept curious and process driven. I’m always ready to hear about your next crazy idea — Talk soon!

ADiNA Capsule Jewellery

ADiNA is a composite of capsule technology and jewellery product. This project came about after talking with a friend and volunteering with kids, I was surprised by the amount of medication a lot of active people take on a daily basis. Talking through some of the 'pain points' with young adults, a lot of them came down to either a) remembering to bring or take the medication or b) avoiding other people's reactions to medication and having to explain when noticed.

Capsules have little LED lights that indicate via colour whether a person is due to take medication. They also connect via Bluetooth to an app that allows you to set a variety of reminders and track how much medication you have left. It was important that the product didn't look like a piece of equipment. ADiNA is an example of what that could look like as customisable jewellery targeted towards women with a daily commute. However, the root concept could easily be altered for a more casual design and price point for a different target audience.

CoCo Carnival

CoCo Carnival chocolate party games range are centred around the idea of sharing food with friends, mixing things up a little and getting people talking at the table. Grab a box of individual chocolates in unusual flavours from your nearest grocery; read the rules inside the lid, flick the spinner and use the cards to play ‘Trivia’, ‘Truth or Dare’ or ask some ‘Icebreakers’. The taster box is fun rather than fancy and I enjoyed experimenting to make the initial sketch into a working model.

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