Branded Fashion Design

Ruby Gallo

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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I’m a Melbourne-based Fashion Designer and recent graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, with a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design. My interest lies in made-to-order garments that make use of vintage fabrics alongside current designs; exploring the balance between opposing design elements. I have sound skills in pattern making, machining and high proficiency using the Adobe Suite to design custom digital prints and technical folios. I have a keen interest in the future of technology within the fashion industry, exploring CLO3D software and NFC technology with a view to reduce the environmental impact of my designs and assist in highlighting the story of my brand. I am eager to see what lies ahead for the fashion industry and am honoured to contribute to such a beautiful community of designers within our city.


Celestial Perception balances opposing design elements in a mystical symphony, creating exquisite nightlife outfits that are worn as a form of self expression.

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Escape The City is a collection designed for the Urban Bohemian