Branded Fashion Design

Rasadhara Hewapathirana

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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I recently completed my Bachelor of Branded fashion design and am ready to start my fashion career within the industry.

I have a strong interest in fashion illustration, print development, trend research and manage campaign photo shoots for seasonal look books, and films. I currently work as an assistance photographer for a photography company. I am excited about opportunities in collection design, brand social media management, campaign organising and content creation.

I have mastered Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I have been working part-time for a Sri Lankan ethical fabric-developing startup, and have been involved in setting up their socials, and website layout and function. I have done an internship as a production room assistant for Tommy Hilfiger and Micheal kors production lines. I speak English, Sinhalese fluently and I can read and understand Tamil languages and have previously completed a Diploma in Graphic design .I love Working with teams and experiencing new things.

Lace & Glaze spring/summer 23/24

LACE & GLAZE is an intimate wear brand that believes feeling confident and beautiful should never come with the cost of luxury. All of the garments are made by unprivileged south asian women who never got the chance to see a free world over their cultural boundaries. As the designer, I want to take something back to my people that they can be confident and proud of. This brand is all abut the stories that have never been told.