Branded Fashion Design

Rachel Johnston

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Rachel Johnston, I am a Brisbane based fashion designer who specialises in colourful and fun garment design for may brand EEYO. I have recently been awarded as QLD Graduate Fashion Designer of the year and featured as a key emerging designer in October's Style Magazine issue. I look forward to continuing my work as an independent designer.


This collection was named Electrify and was inspired by chromotherapy and the feelings you get through the use of different colours. This collection specifically focused on the feelings of joy and excitement, hence the use of fun textiles, seams and bright colours. This first collection was a perfect way to encapsulate the overall vibe of eeyo and what products may come in the future — 'ie. fun stuff'.

Eeyo World - Take A Trip

This Collection was called Eeyo world which explored the idea if Eeyo was its own planet. The first drop of the collection was called Take A Trip — a play on space, travel, time and psychedelics. The collection explored a more simplified approach on garment design yet still experimented with fun elements such as star embellishments, gradient prints and metal components - which has ultimately again, shaped the direction in which eeyo is heading towards for product design.