Interior Design Commercial

Noko Stewart-Wiki

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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Hi, my name is Noko, (pronounced norkor). I love learning about all facets of culture. I am family orientated and inspire me every day. My philosophy as a designer is to encapsulate sustainable fundamental values as instrumental methods in revolutionizing circular designs by addressing socio-cultural, environmental, and economic needs that embed functionality, form, and flow.

1 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA,

Client: Macquarie leasing

Macquarie Leasing brand is about sustainability in providing car buying solutions. The innovation behind their brand identity was realising that they believe in alleviating the stress of the customer by doing all the work for them. The location for this client is in Sydney CBD, taking residence of one level that boasts 1637sqm offering floor-to-ceiling glass that is a six-star green status building with panoramic views of Sydney Harbour.

The brief of the project outlined that the reception area had to be the 'hero statement' for this client and the design had to focus on sustainable values keeping in mind that this was to be an open planned space that needed to infuse the brands' metaphorical representations.

The design solution for this space was inspired by the client and the environment, to create harmony in the reception area by layering mediums of stone and wood textures that compliment the glass textures of the building. The statement piece for this area was the reception desk which is made from Altrock and recycled River Red Gum wood. Altrock is a material created from cuts of marble that are suspended in resin. This formed the aesthetic functionality of a circular design. The recycled River Red Gum wood is also used as support walls for the glass that separates the reception area from the office. Recycled Blackbutt battens lead you from the elevators to behind the reception desk and wrap around the corridor leading to the bathroom amenities. As the building is powered by plenty of natural light and solar power at night, minimal lighting is needed. Pendants in matt black with copper cages and retro copper chandelier lights create an industrial element and offer soft lighting in the reception seating area. All lighting and furniture are carefully selected with the client's principles of sustainability in mind, using recycled leather lounges and recycled timber tables.

This Conceptual development was achieved by delivering a sociocultural, economic, and environmental solution. Inspiration for this space reflects the brand's core ethics and values, embracing sustainability in everything they do and ensuring their brand isn't just a service but a lifestyle. The software used to design this project was Revit and Enscape.

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Country Road Retail Project

The narrative behind this design project was the brands' identity & culture. Inspiration was determined by designing a bespoke fit-out that represented the ethical values of Country Road. Each area within this space has been carefully considered for all consumers. Seating and evergreen have been placed throughout to provide a timeless experience.  All materials used in this retail space are sustainable recyclable materials. The principles of using these types of materials are to reflect the brand of Country Road. These materials listed here are what is used for the joinery and retail project. Materials used for the POS counter are listed and referenced below;

1. La Fabbrica - Kauri - Fiordland by La Fabbrica. Italy. The magical land of New Zealand treasures the most exclusive wood in the world because it is obtained from trees that have fallen due to cataclysms and have remained underground for thousands of years. Kauri is inspired by the unique style of this wood, and it reflects its natural elegance in modern living environments

2. Cotton wood Studio Collection by Aristech. Made from a proprietary resin blend, this product is unique from other surface products for its luminous and 3-dimensional characteristics. But it still has the properties of a solid surface: it’s thermoformable, durable, safe, and repairable. Translucency gives a 3-dimensional quality and backlighting is possible for a dramatic effect and safe, hygienic, and NSF Certified: inconspicuous seams leave no place for bacteria to hide.

3. Fusion Ash by Ceramiche Refin aka Refin. Italy. Refin's collection inspired by Zebrano stone: a traditional matrix translated with contemporary appeal providing versatile surfaces. Refin offers quality products that respects ethical principals and is committed to the natural environment and is recognized by Ecolable certification. Refin attests to the progress made in the selection of raw materials, in improved energy efficiency and water consumption, in the drastic reduction of pollutant emissions and the marked increase in recycling activities. ((2022). Retrieved 9 April 2022, from

4. Aurubis Nordic Copper by Euroclad Australia. Lasts a lifetime that is Beautiful, durable, and timeless. Natural patina that develops over time and is self-repairing by nature. Is non-flammable and is low maintenance. Range of options available from standard perforation to bespoke patterns.

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