Film and Video

Niamh Moore

Bachelor of Film and Video Online

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I’m Niamh, a Sydney based Photographer and Videographer who loves to work with those wanting to capture the authentic energy of their artistry and build strong connections with their audience through visual storytelling. After finishing my studies I’m enthusiastic to continue learning more within the industry!

Artists in the Community

This video is part of an ongoing project that explores how we can encourage support for our music and arts industry after the pandemic, focusing in particular on the importance and benefits of live music events for supporting local, emerging artists and the wider community.

Thursday's Child SS25 Campaign

Thursday’s Child is the story of womanhood, dedicated to providing women with versatile pieces, allowing her to feel confident and unrivalled at every event. With this story in mind, the brief for this production was to launch the Spring / Summer 2025 collection online through imagery of the chaotic feminine.

The visual style of the work exudes luxury and decadence through antique furniture, grunge makeup, layered jewellery and lace details to reflect chaos and rebirth of the brand through a new spring collection, inspired by tarot cards and titled ‘Memoir.’

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