Diploma of Graphic Design

Miranda Williamson

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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I'm Miranda from Ballarat and I am a designer and multi-disciplined artist with a background in business and management. I would love to work on packaging, branding and layout design. My varied art practices assist me to design in various styles and I appreciate a clean and timeless design.

Branding & Packaging- Playful Bakes Cafe & Party Room

This branding brief requested the development of an illustrative logo and icons that would be featured in all collateral, both print and online. These fun characters are developed from the cafe’s menu, with the same hand drawn style as the logo. Playful Bakes Cafe & Party Room’s customer base is predominately children and their parents, so the pale blue colour was chosen as a welcoming and calming background for the active and fun characters.

The icons and logo have been applied in all aspects of the business, from menus, signage and staff uniforms to colouring in pages, kids party packs and merchandise. Using this branding has created a quickly recognizable identity that stands out from it’s competitors.

This project was an assessment in the Illustration elective unit.

Project/Client Website

Label Design- Billy's Brew Endless Summer IPA

Billy’s Brew new Endless Summer IPA beer required a new approach to the label artwork. They wanted to have a bottle that would appeal to many target audiences and stand out amongst the ever-growing range in stores. My aim was to create a design that would be noticeable but with a grown up and refined personality.

This design uses a luxury recycled matt textured label with only black printing and holographic blue/green foiling and draws attention on a crowded shelf.

This project was an assessment in the Finished Art unit.

Project/Client Website