Communication Design

Mirabell Eteng

Bachelor of Communication Design

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A barista in the morning and a freelance graphic designer / illustrator / water colour artist at night. I enjoy working on projects with the purpose of giving back to the community. One of my most proud projects was raising donations for the 2019 Bushfire through my illustrations

Cup of Joy

My project “Cup of Joy” is a project inspired by my passion for coffee and dream of having my own art and craft cafe. My project’s branding alludes to the concept of providing a cup of coffee, metaphorically defining a client’s “Joy” within a “Cup” or even through making “Art”.

The fun and uplifting nature of the branding is targeted for Australian young adults and also complements its contextual value as the project’s vision is for clients to have fun and not limit themselves within the cafe. Moreover, the design of the packaging for this project will utilise sustainable products to promote eco-sustainability for a “greener future”.

Ultimately, my project raises awareness to the wider community thatbeing creative and their ability to express themselves without feeling detached from society is one critical aspect in having a “joyful” life.

We Cherish You | @WeCherryshYou

A motivational page I built back on 2021 during covid. We Cherish You also hosted an online 21 Days of Abundance by Deepak Chopra. Illustrative style was to attract younger audience who would spend so much time on their phone at that time.

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