Milla Hynninen


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Hi, I’m Milla! I’m a Finnish communication designer located on Sydney’s Northern beaches.

I’m passionate about storytelling and everything visual. In my past, I have worked as a copywriter and a graphic designer, but today I love being there for the whole journey and helping frame the bigger picture.

Yuru – Native Food Meal Kit

In Finland, foraging and eating what nature provides is something everyone does. When I came to Australia, I noticed that it’s not the same here. The typical food is made from species that have originally been imported to Australia. To me, this made no sense. Especially since the nature here is so unique.

Therefore, my major project aims to encourage Australians to eat more native foods. I soon realised that foraging could be problematic for urban people. As I conducted primary research, I noticed that many people used meal kits, such as HelloFresh, to make it easier to eat well during their busy weeks.

Yuru (which means hungry in Dharug, the Aboriginal Sydney language) is a native food meal kit. Customers get recipe cards and all the ingredients delivered, and they learn about native foods and Indigenous traditions while preparing delicious meals.

The weekly changing Yuru menu offers variety (vegetarian, meat and fish options) and seasonal produce is prioritised. The plan is to establish partnerships with Indigenous suppliers and chefs to give them ownership of their traditional knowledge. In addition, all packaging is made from sustainable materials.


Mental health issues can be considered a sign of weakness, especially among men. Difficult conversations are often avoided, and many men don’t feel comfortable reaching out for help if they’re struggling.

The goal of this project was to tackle this by designing a men’s clothing line for outdoor adventurers to break the stigma around men’s mental health issues and to provide a safe, easy channel for open conversation.

The social bond is already strong in the outdoor community, and people are happy to help each other when someone needs a hand on a track. Why wouldn’t we do the same in their everyday lives?

Clothing can be used to start conversations about mental health in an empathic tone. The message helps men identify others who may be struggling and also people who are happy to offer their support. The aim is to create a sense of belonging and help men understand that they are not alone.

The sample piece targets four-wheel drive enthusiasts. The aim is to design different pieces for different hobbies to connect men with others who share similar interests.