Diploma of Graphic Design

Melissa Schill

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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My name is Melissa Schill from Hawthorn, Melbourne. I have a love and passion for branding and web design and I am eager to fulfil a career in a creative studio that specialises within these categories.

Goodness Gelato

Branding and Packaging Design for Gelato Company Goodness. Goodness is a Handcrafted Traditional Gelato Company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is passionate about the quality of their Gelato and sources only the finest ingredients from all over the world to create unique and exciting flavours. Bold typography was manipulated and arranged in a stacked position to highlight the company's name. The packaging has been designed to allow for flexibility and the ever-changing flavours that the company creates and sells.

Project/Client Website

Wild Betty

Branding & Packaging Design for Billy Brew's latest beer Wild Betty. The new brew delivers the classic ‘punch’ of an IPA, with a firm bitterness, wrapped in tropical aromas and balanced with characters of caramel malt and orange. The coastal lifestyle has been brought to life through the illustrations of native Australian flora alongside a soft colour palette to highlight the origin of the beer. Quirky typography was chosen to resemble the movement of the ocean and bring character to the design.

Project/Client Website