Interior Design Residential

Marissa Moolman

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential

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I’m a firm believer that a person’s surroundings have a strong impact on quality of life, which drives me to make a positive impact on the lives of the people I am designing for. I’m passionate about minimalist and monochromatic spaces and enjoy creating spaces that feel warm and inviting.

Mnemosyne Serviced Apartment

The adjoining Mnemosyne Apartments require an integrated connection that can enable both apartments to become one. This was achieved by creating moveable joinery surrounding a central fireplace, connecting the living areas. The coastal location of the Sydney site called for a rippling wall to metaphorically link wave-like forms, enhancing the organic curvature of the apartment floorplan design. A minimalist, monochromatic palette fills the space with texture and warmth.

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Boambilly House

Client and novelist Emma Cline requested a tranquil and inviting retreat with an indoor to outdoor connection. The space is to be used as a source of inspiration for her writing. The picturesque location of the Drakensberge in South Africa offered a perfect backdrop for a light filled and minimalist home filled with simplistic and organic materials. The final outcome was a scenic hideaway with ample natural light and a panoramic 360 degree view of landscapes gained from a 'glasshouse' facade to inspire and allow the imagination to wander to the heart's desire.

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