Communication Design

Marcus Cheong

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hi — I'm Marcus, a Sydney-based communication designer crafting brand identities with rich conceptual foundations. I specialise in creating eye-catching brands, illustrations and publication designs. If I'm not obsessively nudging pixels on Illustrator or hunched over Procreate, I'm watching horror movies, playing competitive sport or reading books about neuroscience. Looking forward to meeting you!


The brief asked for the branding and packaging design for a company in the fast-moving consumer goods category.

Within the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea industry, the challenge was to create an identity and a design that would break out of the mold of the minimalism-driven, heritage-based products of the established market and attract a health-conscious but youthful target market who enjoy iced tea but dislike the current product offering.

I decided to create Bestea, a brand for an unsweetened fruit iced tea product based on the idea of a drink who is as weird, quirky, playful, but wholesome, as your bestie - your Bestea.

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1% Less

The brief required the use of the Double Diamond methodology (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) to answer a challenge question: “How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste?”

After a thorough research process, I identified two core issues:

1) Consumers experience 'ecological grief' regarding plastic waste, i.e. they feel that it's up to big corporations to facilitate a circular economy, and that the efforts of individuals are futile.

2) Consumers are willing to make small changes to alleviate their plastic waste output, but solutions involving bigger lifestyle changes are naturally much less palatable.

I devised a messaging campaign titled '1% Less', with the goal of communicating that if all consumers reduced their plastic waste output by just 1% through small, feasible, incremental lifestyle changes, the collective impact would be substantial.

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