Communication Design

Madeleine Di Vito

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hi I'm Madee, I'm a Communication Designer.

I am fundamentally driven by emotion and purpose, using empathy in design to produce empowered, bold solutions that allow stories to tell themselves visually.
Primarily I work in logo & branding, web & UI/X, layout and campaign design projects. I am passionate about sustainability, small businesses, and helping people through design and beyond.

"If there is something I cannot yet do, I will learn how" is an ethos that drives my design thinking to some wild and interesting places, from pop-up paper crafts to sock puppetry I'll try anything if it communicates and resonates effectively with my target audience.

Daniel Ricciardo - Ric3 brand

Brief: Design a comprehensive typographic identity system to be used as a personal brand for a person of interest. Including logo design & cohesive visual direction.

Rationale: Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo is well known for his bright disposition, huge smile, positive energy… and for drinking out of his shoe.

A big personality deserving of an equally big brand. I used key elements of Ricciardo’s style to create a cohesive visual direction that pays homage to his interests and what makes him unique.

Combining bright colours, retro styling, inspiration from graffiti art and Traditional American tattoo lettering the Ric3 brand is able to speak for itself.

Blackboard LMS - Mobile platform redesign

Client: Blackboard LMS & Torrens University

Brief: “How might we understand what upgrades are needed to Blackboard so that it becomes a world class learning platform for Tertiary Education?"

Using key principles of UX testing, research and design I rebuilt the Blackboard Learning Management Software platform for Mobile from the ground up. New features introduced include: Redesign to include widgets & dashboards, Calendar management, Weekly to-do lists, and Direct contact to University contacts based on their elected availability.

Working from the research phase to build sitemaps and low-fi prototypes, all the way through to high-fi prototype iteration through multiple sessions of live user testing and feedback, the project received widespread praise and delighted users who were excited to use the new design.

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