Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Lynuz Macalalad

Diploma of Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

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I'm Lynuz Macalalad, also known as Jeko. An up coming interior designer interested in high-end luxury Commercial Interior Design.

My design philosophy is to provide high-end, illustrious spaces that exude personality and poise.

The D'Souza - Art Series Hotels

A culmination of Art meets Interiors, The D'Souza is a design concept for the newest and hottest Art Series Hotels flagship hotel.

The Project was driven by the concept of 'Refract', it is the concept of convergence and dispersion, celebration and restraint of colour, and scale and proportion. The underlying theme of Refract was inspired by Phoebe's abstraction of colour, shape and texture in her body of work.

The design direction of the hotel combines cues derived from the Post Modern movement and the DNA of Phoebe D'Souza's artworks.

An emphasis on light, colour, texture, and reflective surfaces can be observed throughout the complex to create a unique spatial experience. Every detail has been meticulously designed to reflect the core values of Art Series Hotels and the Featured artist, Phoebe D'Souza.

A balance of high and low-end materials have been implemented in the design, as well as a well curated furniture selection that creates a sense of quiet luxury. The D'Souza is fun and playful, yet tasteful and sophisticated.

Tactile Entertainer

Tactile Entertainer celebrates the synergy between different textures and elements to present a harmonious practical kitchen design. Centrally located, the kitchen anchors all the spaces together. Robust, high-quality materials are in the forefront of the design, guaranteeing the longevity and quality of the space. The subtle contrast in textures, organic and controlled shapes and the asymmetrical balance of the design elements provide presence and resolution.

Tactile Entertainer — Designed for the senses.