Interior Design Residential

Lindsay Evans

Diploma of Interior Design Residential

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My name is Lindsay Evans and I am a 20 year old graduate Interior Designer. I have had a lifetime of passion for design. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be right where I am today.

My personal upcoming brand "Studio L", builds a cohere experience to spaces you are bound with, it ties in to the true meaning of spatial connection. Our design process allows us to find new personality for your space with a considered, contemporary touch. Studio L creates narratives through design.

Tempestt Hotels

Art Series Hotels is bringing something new and sophisticated to Perth. Partnering with local Perth artist Sioux Tempestt, we are designing a new boutique hotel. With 9 fully serviced luxury guest suites and a bar/restaurant, our aim is to bring art culture, style and our clients brand sophistication to the heart of Perth.

The design concept for this project is “Imbrication”. Sioux Tempestt's abstract, colourful and organic pieces help create a moody space that suits not only the brand but the location. I will be playing on her use of colours and shapes in innovative ways and incorporating them indirectly. This hotel is not one with canvases and frames down the hall ways; my aim is to incorporate my concept and Sioux works to be stylistic, aesthetic and moody.

Tempestt is designed to be a space open to clients such as those on business trips, couples stays, adult stays, tourists, etc. Accomodating for all types of stays, each room will be functional and well equiped, from spaces to relax to spaces to reply to emails. Focusing on luxury and grandeur, these rooms all come with large bathrooms, double showers, kitchenette/mini bar, super king bed, dressing table/study desk, luggage storage, bluetooth speaker system, conceptual stained glass views/city views and an atmosphere like no other. Aligning an aesthetic experiences with luxury, furniture and finishes are commercial-grade, aesthetic, durable, high quality and aligning with concept, artist and brand.

Overall a successful hotel design for our happy client. Playing on both strengths and weaknesses to create an abstract, raw and innovative hotel design.

Salt & Grain

Salt & Grain, the concept of combining ocean and organic. Family friendly design with functionality and aesthetics. The perfect entertainer with the flow of indoor outdoor living, perfect for family gatherings. The client expresses that the kitchen is the most important part of the family home, so we focused on this being a large, open and extremely user friendly space. Cooking organically is important to the client, so we chose to use organic, sustainable materials and items in their space. We did this using neutral colours and shades, oak wood flooring, organic blend linen, concrete, live greenery, limestone.

Successfully the space was designed for family living and pleasure. With split level bedrooms and private areas upstairs and entertaining/public spaces down stairs. Overall we created the perfect family entertainer for our client.