Branded Fashion Design

Lia Anderson

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Lia from Sydney. I love working collaboratively in the fashion industry with a focus on innovative garment construction, creative direction and authentic branded storytelling. I currently liaise with a pattern maker and produce tech packs for a luxury fashion company; although am constantly striving to expand my knowledge, experience and craft whilst meeting like minded people along the way.

LIA COLLECTIVE S/S 24 - Gender Fluid Fashion

Selection of photographs for LIA COLLECTIVEs S/S 24 Collection. We blur the lines between men and women and simply let the products speak for themselves. Industry connections were made through outsourcing pattern makers, machinists, photographers and models to produce 3 whole looks.

LIA COLLECTIVE A/W 23 - Gender Fluid Fashion

Designed for LIA COLLECTIVEs A/W 23 Collection. Pattern makers, machinists, models and photographers were outsourced to produce 1 whole look that can be worn irrespective of gender.