Interior Design Commercial

Leotrime Bici

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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Hello, my name is Leotrime Bici. 

I believe in the power of well-designed interiors to influence and transform daily life. Passionate about designing inspiring interiors that balance the functional and aesthetic needs of the client's brief, I pay attention to the finer details. I am strongly motivated to explore the potential of space with curiosity and consider choices with a sense of boldness to create a cohesive and innovative vision.  

I’m very excited to begin my journey in the interior design world by applying the skills and knowledge I have developed during my time at Billy Blue. My goal is to grow and strengthen these abilities in the industry to provide meaningful and memorable experiences to achieve desired outcomes

The Swatch Watch

The purpose of the Swatch Watch project is to bring the values and mission of the company into the interior design of the space.

Three touch points:




Despite being small, there are a lot of surprises in this room. It is transformed into a wall-mounted shelf that is a storage unit that has different colors of lighting when opening the different storage.