Diploma of Graphic Design

Layali Mustafa

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Hello, I'm Layali!

I'm a Melbourne based graphic designer and illustrator who loves to tell stories through creation. I'm super passionate about creating character and overworld designs alongside brand identities and style guides, so long as there's a story to be told I will create the image. I'm a competitive person who thrives off of a good challenge, as it is my desire to create strong design work that doesn’t just get the message across but shouts it out for the world to hear. It’s not just designing work that excites me, but rather bringing to life your ideas to reality. I cannot wait to learn and grow in this industry.

Ghahwa Café

Ghahwa is a middle eastern café that aim to share the traditions of an Arab breakfast in an enjoyable and cosy atmosphere that will make the customer feel at home. What was asked for this design was an illustrative approach with a completely unique typeface. The illustrated component consists of a hand holding a traditional middle eastern coffee as a call out to passer-by's to sit and unwind. The typeface itself is also completely illustrated with the G in the beginning of the name is also the letter 'kof' in Arabic.

Alphington & Fairfield Vet

Alphington & Fairfield Vet are a clinic located within Melbourne that specialise in exotic pets such as rabbits as an example. Their team consists of a bunch of caring individuals that will ensure quality treatment. With this concept, a dynamic logo with multiple sub logos were created to allow the brand to tailor their promotional and marketing materials to the targeted animal owner. The separate colours allow the viewer to differentiate between the animals and instantly recognise the sector targeted.