Interior Design Commercial

Layal Majzoub

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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Hello, I am a Commercial Interior Design who is soon to graduate. After traveling the world and exploring new cultures, I found a love for interior design and architecture and decided to pursue this passion.

My approach to design is to create fun and interactive spaces that stimulate excitement and happiness. Through the use of colours and fluid forms, my designs communicate vibrancy and confidence. I am looking for a job as a junior interior designer.


The client is an entrepreneur looking to invest in the Sydney hospitality industry, he requested a space that celebrates good food, tasteful music and an all-around fun vibe.

Celestial is an interactive restaurant and bar that explores the relationship between sunlight, space and colours. The design is very dependant on the sky and the suns movement, the aim is to make the sky movement part of the space's experience and encourage an interaction between natural light and the space.

The sky's movement within the space was studied so the design can take every opportunity to interact with it throughout the day. Skylights and protruding forms that break the ceiling and roofs architecture were explored and experimented with to create an almost abstract structure.

With extraterrestrial themes, foam pits and a mezzanine level dedicated to board games, there is a little something of everybody.

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Kookai is a Parisian boutique that was brought to Australia in the 1990’s, the company remains dedicated to creating collections infused with Parisian chic.

Their designs continue to provide women with the opportunity to embrace their individuality and the power of expression through their wardrobe. ‘The Power of Expression’ was explored through a series of sketches of the female form. Those sketches were then warped and abstracted to create a space that communicates the
client’s brand of alluring confidence and luxury.

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