Diploma of Graphic Design

Kylie Wakeley

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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I'm Kylie, a lifelong lover of all things design. While my one true love is graphic design, my soul comes to life when I'm surrounded by beauty, whether it be nature, interiors or fashion. My passion is branding design, bringing the business idea of a client to life. My personal style is fun, fresh and feminine, my hope that my designs bring happiness and beauty into the world.

Australian Geographic Explorers Magazine Poster Series

This poster series was created for the Australian Geographic Explorers magazine. The brief required me to design a double-sided wall poster that will inspire and educate children between 8 and 12 in a fun and rewarding way on climate change and how they can make a difference to save a planet on the brink. The brief also called for the ideation and design of a free gift to be included with the magazine issue. I chose to link the gift to the poster series, by designing stickers that promote the environment.

My poster encouraged children to love the planet by engaging in environmentally friendly practices such as recycling cans, protecting bees by planting bee friendly plants, and reducing their water use with shorter showers. Each time they engaged with one of these practices, they could put a sticker on the relevant image on the poster. The hopes in this were to inspire children to think about their environmental actions and grow to love the earth that is entrusted to them.

Holy Shitaco Restaurant Branding

I was tasked with naming and creating the branding and associated brand assets for a new restaurant I called Holy Shitaco, a modern Mexican eatery, offering both a take away option, and eat in dining with a desert boho style, rather than a traditional Mexican style of decor.

The brief included the requirement to have elements of illustration in the branding, and I enjoyed using a blend of Mexican imagery with a more boho feminine colour palette.

As well as the restaurant logo, I also created a wall mural to be displayed within the restaurant, a t-shirt design for staff, food packaging assets such as paper liners and coasters, and the restaurant menu. The menu particularly used many of the illustrations created.