Diploma of Photo Imaging

Kathleen Butt

Diploma of Diploma of Photo Imaging

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Hi my name is Kathleen but my friends call me Kay, and I live in the Brisbane area. I love to tell a story through my photography. I am looking forward to working with adventurous couples and individuals who want to create beautiful art together.

Adventure Elopement

I have a passion for adventure, capturing couples in love and documenting their story. So for this project I wanted to bring it all together by creating an adventure elopement shoot. The vision included a beautifully dressed couple in a breathtaking landscape. My adventurous couple, Anthony and Corinne, were happy to dress up and hike up Bald Rock for a dramatic backdrop for this photo session.

Couple: Anthony Wong, Corinne McCulloch
Assistant: Aimee Dutt
Location: Bald Rock National Park

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Artist Imitating Art - Frida Kahlo

A project I have wanted to create for some time is based on the concept of Artist Imitating Art, and this shoot was inspired by artist Frida Kahlo. I love to collaborate with other artists to bring a vision to life, and this project was no exception by working along with my fellow artist friends Rebeka, Renata and Ruth.

Model: Rebeka Oates
Makeup Artist: Renata Osmanovic
Assistant: Ruth Cadioli

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