Branded Fashion Design

Karina Geber

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Hi! I am Karina, my Resort wear label is Karina Joy, I am located in Sydney and have completed my Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design. I have had a strong love for Fashion Design from the moment I sent foot into my first sewing class in Year 7, and continue to love designing throughout adulthood. My final collection is named Nautical Opulence S/S 2023 and encapsulates the notion of an Old Money, Lavish English Summer, as for next year I would love to continue designing, styling and even looking into the marketing side to fashion.

Nautical Opulence

The Karina Joys Nautical Opulence, Spring Summer 2023 collection has a modern twist to the notions of old money and a nautical summer. This collection contains a range of athleisure, event wear, some basics and occasional statement pieces brought together in one wholesome collection.

We have focused on a strong colour palette consisting of cream whites, cherry reds, navy blues and browns all tied in together with gold embellishments and red embroidered logos on our polo shirt to ensure that the nautical old money feeling is present within the range.

The Resort wear Collection for S/S 2023 was designed by Karina Geber.