3D Design and Animation

Kai-Yi Fan

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation

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Hello, I'm Kai, based in Sydney. I'm a multi-media designer at Cover Genius and looking to grow my design career from there. Apart from working as a designer, I sometimes do some volunteer work, gardening, and traveling to not only connect with people but also look at the world from different perspectives.

Divine Candle | Why Choose Scented Candles?

To create an infographic motion graphic piece to introduce the product of the chosen brand. Consistency in implementing design techniques is essential for the best effects and should be included and highlighted. Besides, the information for the piece should be from solid research of the product and anything that might be related to using the particular product in real life. The content should be intriguing and enlightening. Also, the animation should contain a voice-over to amplify the visual expression if applicable. The brand logo should be featured throughout the animation.

After doing some research, the information was summarised and written as a script. Based on the script, I created some visual elements to express some direct messages and implement some abstract ideas. In terms of using colours, I explore the connection between physiology and psychology regarding how the human brain reacts to different fragrances. Make sure the colours for additional information are precise and on point. Therefore, some bright, positive-perception-related colours are in use. Combined with the animation and motion graphics, the content would be vivid and well-presented to the audience.

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Ping Ming Tea House

To produce a 20-sec ad to promote a chosen brand by using Unreal Engine 5. Design your own storyboard and 3D visual elements and special effects should be done either in the software mentioned along with other 3D software.

The ad targets telling a story of the brand - in the beginning, the main character (one tea leaf) shows up and floats around to attract the audience's attention. Next, because the leaf takes them to explore the tea field, it sends the main message - the brand products are 100% natural. Eventually, the tea leaf flies towards the tea house, showing that our tea could be enjoyed anytime you want, the brand is always around.

Project/Client Website