Diploma of Photo Imaging

Justin Gittins

Diploma of Diploma of Photo Imaging

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Hi, I am Justin Gittins and run a photography business called Radical Imaging. I am a Gold Coast photographer with a passion for creating a unique image that tells a story.

Pop culture and the local music scene are of great interest to me. This is reflected in the photos I take. I have finished my studies at Billy Blue and work out of a collaborative studio space in Southport.

I am always looking for interesting people to photograph.

Environmental Portraiture - Collectors and their collections

I have been part of the vintage toy collecting community for a number of years. In that time I have seen some awesome collections. They are not on public display; They are hidden behind closed doors.

The aim of this project was to show some of these collections and the unique individuals that devote themselves to collecting nostalgia from their childhoods.

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Band Photography — Acid Cherry

Acid Cherry is a Brisbane based all girl grunge band. As the restrictions were eased following COVID they started doing gigs again. I had the opportunity to work with them as part of the Media and Documentary subject in the Diploma of Photo Imaging course at Billy Blue.

My involvement with this band has opened my eyes to the challenging (and awesome) world of music photography. I have gone on to photograph bands in venues ranging from small stages in a pub, grungy dive bars, local taverns, well know live music venues in Fortitude Valley and recently being in the "pit" at Fortitude Music Hall (with a huge crowd behind me) shooting for an online publication.

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