Communication Design

Jordan Hurst

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hello, my name is Jordan! I am a young female emerging designer with a passion for all things bright and bold. I believe design is a powerful tool with the ability to change the world, and hope to make a positive difference through my design career. I am currently pursuing freelance work and hope to join a creative studio who share my values on the difference we can make as designers.

Positive Stationery Collection

I have created a stationery collection to be carried in Typo stores, featuring notebooks, notepads, stickers and a weekly planner. The design consists of colourful gradients and positive quotes. The project combines my personal style and brand message with Typo’s values and brand essence of positivity and individuality, that caters to a young adult audience.

I created this project as my submission for the Major Project subject in my last trimester at Billy Blue. I saw this as an opportunity to explore my aspirations of owning a stationery store entirely designed by myself. Print & layout is my area of interest and I used the project to create a design which was freely influenced by my personal aesthetic and vision for my brand.

My stationery collection achieves a balance between my brand and the clients, demonstrating how a collaboration between designer and client, such as Typo, could manifest. The products suit Typo’s own brand aesthetic and design themes used in their product range.

Kory's Plants & Crystals

Kory’s Plants & Crystals. Kory’s is a passion project to expand my skills in branding. The brand name and topic was created from an online brief generator which asked for a logo and packaging for a plant store.

Using the tools and creative process developed through my course at Billy Blue I explored colours, fonts and elements to communicate the brand as modern and youthful. The contrasting purple and green attract a younger audience and predominantly female market.

The logo features negative space in the shape of a leaf, representing the product offering of the brand upon first glance. As supporting packaging I created a paper bag, stickers and business cards, alternating green and purple as the accent colour.

Creating a project independent to course assessments was a great way to put my creative process into practice and develop the style of design I will offer to my clients.