Branded Fashion Design

Jesse Coyle

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Jesse Coyle. Since I was five years old I've been obsessed with clothing... and still am to this day. I am born and raised in Sydney and i love the local brands, artists and musicians that are putting my city on the map. I wish to play my part in this too.


Mosaic art and stained glass is a big inspiration to my collection having random shapes all mashed together to create a picture or artwork is what I transferred to my patterns, using this method I have complex designs that are also quite simple.

The Diamond jacket focuses on the mosaic styled symmetry formed from forty four pattern pieces to create an intricate pattern for a classic menswear silhouette. Sampling done by myself.
The Diamond pant also features pattern pieces that that are sewn together to create an interesting pattern through the use of symmetry and topstitching.

Pattern and sampling has been done by myself.


Symmetry has been another major influence to my collection and I have been inspired to do this by seeking inspiration from local Sydney architecture — specifically churches, but also water fountains and metal gates.

The curve pant features contemporary extra large pockets that rise to the waistband to becomes the belt loops. The curve pants concept stems from symmetry having the same style pockets on the front and the rear to create a distinct feature on the side seam.

The cross shirt features a well defined feature using contrasting cotton poplin which focuses on symmetry, and for all panels to meet at the side seam and to continue to the back bodice this style has been influenced from the central park building.

All Pattern making and sampling has been done myself.