Interior Design Commercial

Jeeyeon Yang

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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My name is Jee. I am a bright, savvy explorer pursuing my dream career in interior design. I love how people can influence space and how a space can show spirit. It’s joyful to help create spaces where people can connect, interact, and enjoy. I am looking to immerse myself in an environment where my passion for design will be nurtured, and my skills refined and improved. I am excited to be part of a team creating pleasant spaces for people.

Art Gallery in Morocco

A shoreline art gallery in Rabat, Morocco. An architectural project inspired by Louis Kahn's 'hollow wall method' provided the opportunity to explore unique floor patterns.

The interior is entrenched with Kahn's philosophy of natural light, shadow and massing transforming this floor pattern into a high-spirited structure. Art Gallery in Morocco's interior design concept is 'immersion into the unknown world' to drive curiosity and excite the user at every turn. This floor plan with an intersection and the use of repetitive shapes aids the viewer in the unique ends of the gallery. Local Moroccan materials are used such as rammed earth, mud bricks and zellige.

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Le Velo Bicycle Cafe

Le Velo is a bicycle cafe with a river view at Wentworth Point, Sydney. Wentworth Point is a perfect location for people who want activity and a bubbly social lifestyle. The client required the incorporation of wall art and bold colours that are bike-friendly, sustainable, contemporary and industrial.

The concept behind the design was to integrate an industrial chic aesthetic and use bright colours to offer a lively space for people. To complement the client, the bold colours of yellow, red and green, which ride parallel to the colours of the Tour De France, are used. Yellow inspires freshness and victory and red brings passion. To appeal to the demographic the space is made for bicycle-friendly and quick and easy takeaway shops. It used rustic brick and concrete on the wall to express the industrial mood.

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