Branded Fashion Design

Jamal Mohamad

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Jamal. I live in Menai and I am excited to graduate and take on the fashion industry. I am passionate and love creating pieces that make women feel sexy, classy, confident and powerful, I am passionate about the fashion industry and the special occasions, evening market segment.

Vixen Collections

I have created Vixen Collections to create the embodiment of an empowered women, she is elegant, self-assured, confident and sexy. She is our IT GIRL.

Designing women's wear with a focus on taking women’s fashion to the next level creating silhouettes that flatter the body leaving our customers to feel confident, sexy and powerful.

Vixen takes elements from vintage styles such as corsetry and creating a modern twist such as detachable styles giving our IT GIRLS wardrobe a variety of options with just one piece from our collection.