Diploma of Photo Imaging

Jade-Porttia De Cinque

Diploma of Diploma of Photo Imaging

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Jade Porttia Photography is located on the Gold Coast and is an upscale photography service specialising in all things fashion and fitness. With a lifelong passion for the fashion industry and as the daughter of a model, fashion is in my blood. As an artist, I aim to create impactful visual stories that resonate not only with the client but also with the wider audience. I believe that a powerful image can encapsulate the model’s essence.

Chase The Vibe

Motivated by LSKD's mission, I was compelled to 'Chase the Vibe'. I wanted to replicate that feeling of aspiration for that fitness/adventure-based lifestyle they sell.

Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

Inspired to create impactful visual stories, I captured the essence of my mum, allowing her soul to soar without any ego inhibitions.