Branded Fashion Design

Jackson Cowden

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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I am a recent Graduate of the Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design and an excited young designer.

I have a strong interest in creative direction and artistic fashion design. A keen eye and curiosity leads me to continuously explore, discover and learn more about the industry. I have developed strong skills in Clo3d, giving me the ability to both design and replicate collections of clothing in a digital 3D form. Working with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and PremierePro, I am able to design and construct engineered prints, repeat prints, and CADs. I am skilled in pattern making, print design as well as collection design. These skills allowed me to direct and design 24 garments for my graduate collection under the brand New World. As founder, creative director and designer of the streetwear brand Astelle, I have experience in brand development, product development and manufacture; as well as working with e-commerce, fashion marketing and social media marketing. An internship at Neuw Denim, allowed me to experience the workings of a larger brand; using their industry software, experiencing model fittings and product development. Im looking to pursue a career in Creative Direction. In the short time I have been a part of the Melbourne fashion industry, I have seen the potential for growth and development of emerging designers. This is where I can contribute.

New World SS23

New World is an Independent designer brand of Womenswear I created as part of my graduate collection. The collection encompasses elements I have learnt during my studies as well as elements I have taught myself. I set myself the task to try capture the things we deem "beautiful". Not following any trends, I used the artist Francis Bacon as a source of study to translate these ideas of "beauty" through clothing. Each piece of the collection has embedded meaning and multiple interpretations, with the collection when seen as a whole, reflecting the values and beliefs of todays culture.

New World SS23

New World continued.