Branded Fashion Design

Izzy Fischer

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Isabella (but I suit Izzy more), raised in Brisbane but fled to the Gold Coast to live by the beach. I work as a fashion designer for an art-clothing brand based in Brunswick Heads, Northern Rivers NSW. My work allows me to combine my skills of visual arts and fashion, as well as explore my passion with photography. Over the next few years I hope to be working for a multitude of brands, one in which I hope to call my own.


‘Almost Famous’ explores the battle between being ‘cool’ vs being ‘sincere’ in today’s world where materialism is often delusively harmonized with the definition of ‘success’.

The trans-seasonal collection sees inspiration from the 70s with feminine silhouettes and flashy pops of colour, juxtaposed with modern tailored suiting, packed with a punch. A sense of chaos & playfulness is expressed through the feature print by local artist Ruby Hooper, whose style is heavy influenced by renowned artist Jean-Michael Basquiat.