Branded Fashion Design

Isabella Morales

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Hello! I'm Isabella and am located in Sydney.

Creating fashion and art generally is a huge part of my practice, with the intention to provoke emotion and energy - in an unconventional way, or through a new perspective.
I have always seen myself dip into the more traditional practices of art, using my hands to create physical work has been paramount. I have a profound connection to binding fashion with wellness, in looking at fashion and art holistically. Whether that's through designing thoughtful garments, or producing fashion collage with recycled materials.

I believe that we can shake the fashion and art world, in a gentle way.

Divine Monolith

In the centre of the land, nature seems ominous, yet beautifully conferring. A vast landscape providing bold and dominant waves of red as they roll through and onto the surrounding environment. Lush tones of green and cream are captured within the flora bordering the great rock. Anchoring the narrative for this collection - Uluru and the land is reflected and held throughout each garment. Kindling the warm feelings of being truly home. To feel grounded, still and present. Pushing these feelings to convey our own sense of freedom not akin to the heavy worldly expectations we are so often buried by, but to rather be and feel healed.

As a part of Morali’s first collection and what is embedded within our brand DNA, is our connection to meditation and gentle yoga. These garments have been designed to be so versatile and comfortable, you are able to wear them on the mat and out casually. Think elevated yoga-wear!

Fashion Collage

Ever since I could remember, I have loved creating art through drawing, painting and collage. Combining fashion and collage is something that I appreciate incredibly - I see it as a unique way in promoting fashion brands and garments. Whilst the fashion world and world generally continues to move forward digitally, I believe that there is still vast space for producing in a more traditional, 'handmade' way. Something that I believe may push brands to stray away from the mainstream crowd and set them apart from competitors.

All of the collage created uses physical magazine cutouts, and mediums including paint, ink or pastel.