Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Isabella Fischer

Diploma of Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

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Maximalism the art of more-is-more. A real sense of playfulness with a contrast of bold gestures. Layered patterning, highly saturated colours, ample detailing and genuine encouragement to express true authenticity. This is what maximalism means to me, I want to share that individuality is the greatest gift we have and it can be used in all areas of existing. The strange, the odd, the unusual makes the mind tick so why not create space that reflects this and propel the end users experience into a unique journey. Be bold, be bright, be vibrant. Interior design is play on a large scale. There are no limits and rules are meant to be challenged.

Eclectic Kitchen and Dinning Space

“Deriving ideas, style and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”

The body behind this eclectic concept is physical in a clashly form. This space was created for a young family of three. The most important point from the brief was to not embody the classic, white, stark kitchen in anyway. The idea of pulling inspiration from multiple different trends and spaces is a true represent of how we exist. This universal thought was a driving force throughout the design process.

This space supports maximalist design choices and ideas. It is bold, bright and vibrant while still fitting the functional needs of the space. The fixed elements are within an organic colour palette and the decorative, stand out pieces are edible to grow with the end user. We as human beings pull and take what we are drawn to and are too complex to be known or visually seen as one style as such. Creatively we attach ourslves to what excites us. Imploding this concept into a visual within a residential space, in the location we feel most at home is encouraging which naturally spills into all areas of life.

Isabella Fischer
Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Hound House Reatil Space

Hound House is fashion hire and styling agency that encourages the risk takers, the creatives and the open minded. This space truly feels likes an open stage with full glass panels surrounding the interior. Due to the external elements providing so many positive design avenues such as the large stream of direct natural light, the focus was to enhance this stage like essence. If the occupants are going to be on show while inhabiting the space why not make the most outrageous platform to showcase the adventurous nature of the business and mood of the interior. Learning to play with colour, texture and details again with child like innocents. With heavy clashing and bold patterns, the space has multiple personalities depending on the area in use. If life is a stage why no make it the wildest stage anyone has ever seen.