Branded Fashion Design

Holly Villagra

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Fashion and design alike have been a constant source of joy and inspiration for me since the beginning. Whether you’d find me hunched over a copy of Vogue Magazine cutting and collaging the glossy pages, to hearing the click-clack of me walking with my grandmother's heels on at the ripe age of 6. What made me feel the most like myself growing up was expressing myself and my interests through design. Fast forwarding to now, this love for fashion has only grown and evolved over time. Through my holistic education at Billy Blue, studying a Bachelor of Branded Fashion has since allowed me to transform into a range of invaluable skills to prepare me for a career in Fashion. My intention as a designer is to create ethically minded and socially driven fashion. From body positivity to sustainability what drives me as a designer beyond aesthetics is to evolve fashion in efforts of creating lasting change in the industry.

Touch Down SS/22 Collection

In times of uncertainty we look to storytelling to explore new worlds away from our own.

Titled TOUCH DOWN our Spring Summer 22 Collection aims to explore ATHLEISURE MEETS COUTURE through a futuristic application. Inspiration for this collection circulates around GridIron American Football whilst juxposing a traditionally male dominated sport into a hyper feminine collection.

As artistry plays a key role in everything we create as a brand. Our expression of art can be seen in the SS22 collection through our range of limited edition digitally designed textiles, hand crafted embellishments and collaboration with 3D Digital Artist, Edwina Leeper. Implementing the technical features of American Football sportswear whilst embedding the silhouettes and craftsmanship of luxury fashion is what allows this collection to speak it’s own story.

Gucci in Space AW/21 Capsule Collection

Following the brief we were tasked with choosing a luxury brand and adapting their style to create a collection of garments that speak to what their brand offers whilst inspiring something new.

Inspired by the era of discovery and
expedition, the Gucci in Space Collection
is a capsule collection for the modern
woman. Designed for our Ready-to-wear
Autumn Winter runway, Gucci explores
fashion through the space age lens.
Pieces, with influences of retro futurism
and the space mod era, the collection is
both a blast from the past and a look
towards the future of fashion. Within this
collection you’ll find geometric
silhouettes, experimental colour tones and
our limited edition print. Gucci in Space
is a celebration of all things camp and
all things GUCCI!