Communication Design

Holly Brazier

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Holly Brazier (she/her) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer.

Heavily inspired by the media she surrounds herself with – including music and fashion – she is navigating the design industry through merchandise design, branding, advertising, and social media.

She is currently located in Sydney and Newcastle, NSW – but is more than happy in considering other options!

Kin Fertility – 'We Are Here For You' Campaign

Menstruation is commonly perceived as only an issue concerning women – despite being possible for anyone with a uterus, female-identifying or not. When it comes to people who do not identify with their birth-assigned bodies, there tends to be neglect in the healthcare system to treat and support these individuals. This leads many people from the LGBTQI+ community to report mistreatment, simply due to the lack of education by healthcare professionals.

In this integrated conceptual campaign, Kin Fertility aims to broaden this perception and start a conversation by spreading awareness on opening the gender binaries surrounding menstruation and educating Australian communities on the topic.

Djo – 'Decide' Tour Merchandise

This conceptual project is inspired by my life-long admiration for the music industry and merchandise design. One of my main objectives was to ensure the collection was not the artist’s logo printed onto every style of shirt possible, but instead included thoughtful graphics that relate to the artist themselves.

The tour merchandise collection is made to be reflective of the artist, Djo, and their unpredictable music style and energy. The genres he experiments with – synth-pop and new-wave – were a major point of reference and inspiration – making sure to capture the immersive experience the audience is thrown into when listening to Djo’s recent album, Decide.