Communication Design

Gal Cohen Kvatinsky

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Gal Cohen Kvatinsky is an Australian-based designer specialising in brand identity, graphics and packaging design. She strives to produce ever-lasting visual messages and brand experiences.
 Gal graduated from Billy Billy College in 2021 and has been working between Brisbane and Sydney — elevating both local and international businesses.

Mochi Mochi (Branding & Packaging Design)

The Brief: Design a new concept for an innovative packaging solution that fills a gap in the current consumer goods market.

Mochi Mochi encourages you to have fun whilst being mindful of what you eat. The bite sized treat is jampacked with high quality flavours inspired by well-known mocktails. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion whether it be for a loved one, a birthday or even for a girls’ night! The ‘on the go’ approach is suitable for any last-minute arrangements as it is easy to transport and carry. Mochi Mochi fills the gap of special but rewarding ice cream in the Australian market.

Project/Client Website

Islington Hotel (Client Work | Brand Extension)

The Islington Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel located in South Hobart Tasmania and is known for its stunning Regency architecture and panoramic views of Mount Wellington. The project focused on refreshing and elevating the hotel brand presence to showcase its elegant features and experiences on offer. Areas of work included; elevating original branding, refreshing brand collateral + strategy, creating digital assets for social media + social media management.

Project/Client Website