Diploma of Photo Imaging

Francis Tsering

Diploma of Diploma of Photo Imaging

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My name is Francis. I am a photographer from Melbourne and I specialise in motorsport and automotive photography.

Since I was young I have loved cars and racing and have since combined my passion of cars and photography. I am looking forward to working on sporting assignments in the motorsport and automotive industry.


I take images at motorsport events around Victoria at various circuits including Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Albert Park and Sandown Raceway. I cover high profile international events such as Formula 1 and MotoGP to grassroots motorsport events. Having attended these events for many years, I typically spend the day trackside and in pit areas not just to capture the cars on track but also to look behind-the-scenes at the teams and athletes who compete in these events.

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I head out with owners of exotic and modified cars to various locations around Victoria to capture images of their vehicle. Often these owners are very passionate about their cars, whether they are historic cars or cars that they have put a lot of work into. I enjoy sharing their passion for cars and capturing images for their social media use or to document a phase of their automotive journey.

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