Branded Fashion Design

Faith Favero

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Faith and I am currently undergoing a Bachelor of Branded Fashion due to finish at the end of 2022. I have a range of skills from being confident in communicating with industry professionals such as pattern makers and machinists. I am also well versed in using applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud such as InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. As a new graduate I will be looking for an entry level position to enter the fashion industry. I am an enthusiastic, bubbly and hardworking person and am ready to communicate to the industry what I have learnt throughout my time at Billy Blue. I look forward to being able to step foot into the designing sector within the fashion industry and am excited to be able to start sharing my creative energy with colleagues and consumers.

Summer/Spring 23 Collection

A 24 garment Summer/Spring 23 collection based off WGSN and external trend research for a self created clothing brand.

Autumn/Winter 23/24 Collection

A 12 garment Autumn/Winter 23/24 collection based off WSGN and external trend research for a self created clothing brand.