Branded Fashion Design

Emma Tudor

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Emma Tudor is a university graduate, recently completing a Bachelor of Branded Fashion. She is an emerging fashion designer who loves to showcase her beach bohemian aesthetic by designing unique pieces for her brand, Amaia. Emma’s inspiration comes from natural coastal textures which is reflected in her graduate collection.

Emma is always professional, committed, and hardworking. She works collaboratively with others and brings positive energy and creativity to the workplace.

Graduate Collection - Amaia (Doily Dream)

This project focuses on my graduate collection where I have showcased my brand Amaia. I have selected a few images to highlight the collection and how I have represented my ideas and garments. My graduate collection, Doily Dream focuses on crochet elements and placing a spotlight specifically on crochet doilies. Crochet doilies are an item that are not as commonly used today and by incorporating them into our garments we are bringing a new appreciation and a new use to them.

Doily Dream is a collection that highlights a happy and relaxed mood, associating with the uplifting feeling of summer and the beach. Our soft colours and design aesthetic reflect the beach bohemian lifestyle and we have reflected that same free-spirited nature within our garments.

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Mini Collection - Amaia (Never Ending Summer)

For this project, we were briefed to design a capsule collection for our brand which we had been working on in the final year of the course. For the Summer 22 Collection for Amaia I was inspired by the optimistic, happy feeling of summer and the uplifting mood that resonates with the beach.

Never Ending Summer follows a neutral and warm colour palette to reflect natural surroundings such as the beach. Within this collection we have also taken inspiration from the free spirited 70s bohemian period, reflecting upon our overall design aesthetic.