Diploma of Graphic Design

Emily Johnstone

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Hello! I am Emily Johnstone, an artist and graphic designer inspired by bold bright colours, playful lines, and styles reflecting vibrant personalities.

I love everything creative both analog and digital. I aim to discover, self-improve and create meaningful work through graphic design. I am versatile and willing to learn, experiment, and explore new possibilities.

Tooth + Paw

Finalist AGDA Awards (Australian Graphic Design Association) Student Branding Identity

The Brief:
Research, design and create a sustainable and user-friendly packaging solution. Chosen branding for dry cat food packaging. 

The Outcome:
Tooth+Paw loves cats and our planet, creating a box when empty your cat can scratch and have fun! And can be recycled after. Their unique and quirky brand personality is explored through bright and bold colours, a positive tone of voice, and eye-capturing illustrations resulting in a packing design that bursts with energy and excitement. The lack of environmental and sustainable options in the cat food market and easy-to-use packaging results in this progressive design.

Billy's Brew Summer Collection

The Brief:
Research, design and develop a unique print-ready label for an imagined craft beer label, Billy’s Brew, from the beaches of Noosa, Australia.

The Outcome:
Three bold minimalistic IPA label designs, with quirkiness within the seagull character illustrations. The design is inspired by trips to the beach with family and friends, drinking a cold one, and eating fish and chips whilst shooing away the hungry seagulls. The catch of the day, a blue fish dangling from the bird's beak is created only using the shapes of the Billy’s Brew logo, as well as their unique ‘R’ being carried throughout the typography. The Seagull's heads mimic the wave of the Noosa’s surf, complimented with the bright bold summer colours, red, orange, and hot pink.