Interior Design Commercial

Elysia Kiernan

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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My name is Elysia Kiernan, I am originally from England but have called Brisbane home for the past seven years. At the age of seven I discovered my passion for Interior Design, and since then I have pursued it with dedication and determination to complete my desired degree.

I have a passion for delivering clients with their dream interiors but also aim to provide a vision for those who require a little extra support. I have been working as a colour consultant for the past two years where I have gained a lot of insight into my preferred industry. I am always interested in learning more and would welcome the opportunity to learn further in an Interior Design firm.

Cosy Club

Project description: Cosy Club is owned by the hospitality group, Loungers, in England specialising in memorable restaurant bars. This project offers British expats a slice of home, in Queen Street Brisbane. This bar is located in a heritage listed building, that used to be occupied by the National Australian Bank (NAB). The use of patterned wallpaper and rich brown tones creates a sense of warmth and cosiness along with the leather furniture and accent lighting. This proposed design has successfully resembled the traditional authenticity of the brands identity but also encapsulates British style.

Mercedes-Benz Office

Mercedes Benz is a well-known, luxury car brand that got the opportunity to open one of their headquarter offices in Sydney. The design concept of this Mercedes Benz reception has highlighted all key aspects of the brands identity. The polished stainless steel logo on the back wall as you approach the reception desk reflects the Mercedes logo but also replicates a wheel — this is a perfect visual for viewers to know what office they have come to. The overall pallet of the finishes and colours is well within the Mercedes style and identity — the timber panels add warmth to what could have been a very cold space. The majority of the seating furniture is bespoke to add the extra element of luxury and precision.