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Ella Richards

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hi! I'm Ella Lee Richards. I am a concept-driven visual designer, illustrator and typographer, and I seek the weird, wonderful, and thoughtful paths in the creative landscape of design. I'm interested in marketing, promotion art and creative direction for the alternative artists and brands out there — if that matches what you're thinking, get in touch to take the next step in communication.

What's Playing? Triple J Promotion Concept (unaffiliated)

A playlist series and overhaul of how music is promoted on multiple platforms; What's Playing is an integral project in the development of my marketing knowledge, application of illustrative and layout skills and thinking in the position of an established brand and style; in this case, Triple J and its eye-catching alternative branding. Using this radio station as a base for my major project, I mixed realism and minimalism regarding form and detail respectively in key art, with prominent use of visual grain and written passages faithful to Triple J's marketing to capture a potential idea aligning with their activities and image, yet distinguished from their already diverse material, and capturing attention beyond.

MOSPHA — Typeface Creation and World building

Based upon science fiction aesthetics, branding and stories, with a focus on sharp angles and clarity, Mospha is a display typeface meant for the future while invoking nostalgia, and is the culmination of my conceptual development and typography creation skills. It was designed for versatility in use, with potential applications as an art tool alongside display and subtitle use. The background and test passage work together to invoke imagination in a viewer, while also establishing its intended theme. True to the source of its name, ‘atmosphere’, this project created exciting opportunities and directions for future layout and type development in my progress as a designer.

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