Interior Design Commercial

Ehlayna Jacob

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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Hi! My name is Ehlayna, and I’m currently Brisbane based. I have a passion for design, in particular interiors and thoughtful design that creates authentic and wholesome experiences. I’m looking to immerse myself in a creative environment, nurturing my passion for design so I can learn and contribute exponentially.

Bills in Burleigh

The brief was to design a space for a known restaurateur or chef in a new location. A new location is ‘bills’ is Burleigh Head because it is a destination that embodies the coastal Australian lifestyle.

Inspired by the coastal Australian lifestyle the interior, whilst maintaining its authenticity and aesthetics, is an exciting new take of the well loved of ‘bills’. The space stays connected to existing ‘bills’ through the colour selection, Pierre Jeanneret seating and references to mid-century modern design. The feature elements of the space are inspired by the beach as the ceiling mimics the sea with a geometric structure, with rose tinted mirror and plywood surfaces. The ocean washes ashore sea shells though terrazzo flooring waving along the edges of the bar area.
‘bills’ in Burleigh feels like the ‘bills’ you already know and love but with a Gold Coast twist.

Minty Inner City Apartment

The Minty Inner City Apartment was designed as a sanctuary for one. As a place of solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The entrance entices people in through curiosity. They’re welcomed into a space with dramatic and theatrical elements, but the private realm is out of reach to most by the staircase. The private realm is space of intimacy and theatrics. The dressing room is an elevated stage and the en-suite over looks enviable city views that don’t have to be shared.

The Minty Inner City Apartment is a dramatic space to be enjoyed together and relished alone.