3D Design and Animation

David Sujono

Diploma of 3D Design and Animation

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My name's Dave and I'm a 20 year old 3D artist based in Sydney, Australia. I'm passionate about all things film, 3D, and animation. I'm super keen to start my career in 3D motion design.

Garage Dreams

My animation attempts to capture the sense of unlimited potential, inspiration and wonder that we’ve all experienced as a child. The main character, a young musical robot, has been practicing his guitar into the night. Gazing at the wondrous night sky, he closes his eyes and dreams of what the future might hold.

I created this animation for Rokoko's perfect loop challenge and was fortunate enough to win 1st place.

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Infinite Journeys "The Gateway"

This was my submission for Clinton Jones' Infinite Journeys 3D challenge. I wanted to create an underwater environment with a massive sense of scale, that would test my ability to create assets from scratch.

I utilised Cinema 4D for modelling, layout, animation and lighting. I textured my assets in Substance painter and Photoshop, as well as some procedural texturing with Redshift node materials. I finally rendered everything out through Redshift and did heavy compositing within After Effects to deliver the final result.

Inspirations for the project included 20,000 leagues under the sea, bioshock and Aquaman.

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