Branded Fashion Design

Darryl Theodora

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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I am a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design graduate and  excited to launch my professional fashion career.

I am a fashion enthusiast who always comes with creative ideas regarding current fashion trends. Proficient in technical drawing, trend forecasting, and moodboard development. I've had professional communication experience with pattern makers, sample makers, and people in the creative industries.

I have completed an internship for a sustainable outerwear startup, and have been involved in trend research, design and product development for their upcycling collection. I developed a made-to-order womenswear brand for my graduate collection called ‘DL THEODORA’ which includes a 24 piece collection, branding and technical specifications for manufacture.

My goal is to work as part of a design development team in womenswear. 


DL THEODORA delivers ethically produced womenswear that combines a fresh and trend responsive look with an edgy touch for special occasions. We use a made-to-order business model to reduce the disposable fashion culture. The Spring/ Summer 2023 collection includes a 24 piece high-quality products that are built to last a lifetime.


DL THEODORA boosts women’s confidence by creating an elegant and trend responsive look. We are committed to reduce the fashion waste by employing a made-to-order business model. The Autumn/ Winter 23/24 collection includes a 12 piece high-quality products that can be worn for any occasion.