Branded Fashion Design

Darcey Richardson

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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My name is Darcey Richardson and I am located in Sydney. I have been interested in fashion since I was young and whilst studying, I became more interested in designing and creating beautiful intimate apparel. My final graduate collection reflects my interest and love for lingerie and the side of the fashion industry I am looking forward to working in whether that being designing, buying, sewing and selling.

Allure Collection

Muse is a contemporary luxury lingerie label inspired by women’s femininity, self-expression, self-love and takes inspiration from women who became the source of inspiration for creative artists, poets, and musicians’ masterpieces. We want women of Muse to become their own source of inspiration, becoming their own muse.

Our designs, steer away from traditional lingerie and instead we aim to design innovative, fun, unique, fashion forward pieces which feature fun colour ways and playful high-quality fabrications. Our brand values the female figure in all of its forms and aspires to produce daring, dreamy and alluring pieces intended to create the feeling of empowerment and self-expression. Our purpose is to generate the feeling of being carefree, living life not caring what other people think and changing a woman’s perspective on how they look at themselves, in a positive way.

When a woman wears our lingerie products, they are experiencing and expressing a hidden part of themselves, stepping away from the comfort of their everyday lives. Even if our products aren’t visible to people through the naked eye, our goal is to invent a sense of an alternative reality to the woman who choose to wear Muse. Allure Collection is a modern twist on old Hollywood glamour with lingerie, taking inspiration from silhouettes, fabrics, pleating and layering.