3D Design and Animation

Curtis Currie Brugnoli

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation

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My name is Curtis and I live in the beautiful city of Sydney. I enjoy nature, cooking, games, film and music. I have experience across many programs such as Maya, Unreal Engine 5, Houdini, Blender, Substance Painter developing skills in modeling, character rigging, texturing/shading and animation. I am interested in becoming a part of the film/tv and games industries.

Wine Co. Expo Booth

“Wine Co is a fictional company that specialises in catering traditional Italian cuisine for kids parties, weddings and other events."

The main focus of this assignment was to understand how to model, texture and light a scene in Maya.

The inspiration for Wine Co. came from a high-school project in which I had to create a food and beverage magazine.

Skittles X 2001 Space Odyssey

“Space man encounters a strange object in the depths of the solar system, only to turn planet Earth into a giant skittle"

The task was to create a Skittles advert using real time animation inside of the Unreal Engine 5. I used the 'Blueprint visual scripting system' to create a character control rig and space environment. In this project I also used Maya for modeling and substance painter for texturing.

Curtis Currie Brugnoli Video bio